Alhoceima Tuesday 5 november

We were informed that the detainees (Nabil Ahmijiq, Mohamed Haki, Wassim Boustati, Samir Ighid, Mohamed Adahchour and Nacer Zafzafi) have been exposed to severe torture along with unexplained disciplinary procedure lacking all sorts of logical reasoning, to the extent of locking them in the prison room and preventing them from family visits also from talking on the phone for 45 days.

We, as representatives of the detainees’ families, and speaking from previous experiences, are really worried that the mentioned above actions, namely preventing us from visiting our relatives, aim at concealing the unjust procedures that took place. And that the long period of 45 days is long enough to heal the traces torture.
The six families of the detainees applied for an urgent request to the National Mechanism of Protection from Torture and the National Council of Human Rights to stop the torture and launch an urgent investigation, and assign legal doctors to view the health conditions of the detainees.

We would like to announce to the national and international public that in case of procrastination or reluctance of the Public Prosecution in launching an urgent and objective investigation, according to the legal requirements related to the Criminalization of Torture, that we will opt for the International Mechanisms that Morocco agreed to adhere to, by texting the UN Rapporteur and asking him for an URGENT interferance in order to protect the physical and psychological safety of our kids.
We also consider that our kids are kidnapped since none of us ( families and lawyers) are informed with their new detention place. Therefore, the polity of Morocco should assume full responsibility of everything that has happened and still happening to our kids.

President of Tafra Association of solidarity with the families of the detainees. Ahmed Zafzafi and on behalf of the six families.

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